While I was getting ready for work, blow dryer in hand and round brush in the other, I suddenly had a vague recollection of a conversation with a friend.

me: ... Hello?
J: Wake up slut
me: fuck you J. what do you want?
J: Im coming over to visit you end of the month. prepare the festivities.
me: yay.
J: you dont sound too happy about it.
me: i tremble at the thought and grow weak at the knees yadda-yadda what time do I get you at the airport?
J: I’ll text you the details when you’re fully awake.
me: ok
J: find me a date!
me: im not your pimp.
J: ok gotta go. call you later when Im not walking alone on a dark street.
me: k. text me if you get raped. love you.
J: lol buh-bye

I’m not too sure it was a dream so I checked my phone’s call logs. sure enough, there was a text with flight details. It scares me how I can talk to people while not fully awake.