and thats the way the cookie jars

My good friend J is in town til Friday.


We started his week of debauchery the way any self respecting gay guy should: a 2km uphill walk to a Taoist Temple at High Noon.


The temple worked like a charm. 17 hours later, 5AM, J had antihistamine in his right pocket, a phone number in his left, copious amounts of alcohol in both our systems while we walked back to his hotel.


On the way, we met a stray dog, some DVD hawkers and this:

J: fuck you dog. get the hell away from us.
dog: [starts shitting on the street while staring at us]
me: now look what you made him do.

[a noisy group of people walk toward us]

me: check out the inebriated locals.
J: lol one of them is pole dancing to that thing (apparently, it’s called a parking bollard)


me: and one of them is barefoot. lol how positively depraved. I wonder how much alcohol consumption is required for you to lose your shoes like that.
J: you talk like you dont know
me: lol

[we get closer to the group]

girl: [points at me and screams] JONATHAAAAAAN!
J: good god.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful Place you got there.. Haha Keep on Blogging and Sharing some Interesting Places.. Thanks

cabagona said...

thanks! i will! Cebu is a beautiful place. Im heading to Manila soon and can't wait to post what pictures I get there.