I get a lot of weird looks when my phone rings in public. Mainly because it sounds like a phone ringing.

It means I have learned a valuable lesson over the years: Just because my phone is capable of using mp3s as ringtones does not make it a necessity.

I used to have entire songs as my ringtone. Whenever I get a call, I don’t pick up immediately because I want to sing (and dance) until the chorus and they end up dropping the call. My days of impromptu productions of Gloria Estefan’s Conga had to end.



buchocgirl06 said...

oh i miss our impromptu dance numbers nun college.. imagine me and you and you and me and me and you and you and me and me you and me and you and you and me... so happy together!!!!! ahahahaha

cabagona said...

lol @Achi

i miss you!