I almost forgot i had a blog to maintain. Now im having a hard time trying to remember whats been going on in my life..

Im now p
art of the etelecare talent pool for event h
osting. hahaha.. me - in showbiz. whod have thunk? a couple of weeks back we had this hosting worksho
p thingy at the 12th floor. fun fun fun. josh was last to arrive (he had a shift til 3, the workshop began at 2) and also the first to leave (he had a class at 6).. poor kid. must be hell trying to fit a life into his schedule.. which reminds me, im enrolling this sem to finish my course.. YAY!!! god i hope my uniform still fits.. in case you havent noticed, i have only grown horizontally these past few months.. PREPARE FOR CRASH DIET! waaaah.. oooh! if you would ever be tempted to get a haircut at H salon (near Debenhams at g4) i suggest you DONTits nothing but a waste of money. Josh asked me to go with him to fix and have his eyebrows fixed. I personally didnt see anything wrong with them in the first place but then again, ive been neglecting my friends lately so off we went. lo and behold! the people at fix currently had their hands full so we looked for an alternative and made a mis
take no proper lady should ever make: took a risk with another salon. when
we entered H and asked around, it all seemed normal enough. then I asked them "how much to get my hair upstyled?" the clerks at the counter looked at each other as if I just asked them whatHippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia was. This should have been enough to make me click my heels (not to imply that I was wearing any) and high tail it outta there but no.. i just HAD to try out their service. I mean, at the price that the girl blurted out (P550), i was curious as to what their top stylist had in store for my hair. okay, so in we went, and i lay down FLAT on the shampooing table/bed/table thingy and had the product stripped from my home styled hair while josh had his brows threaded (my dad would be SO proud). after shampoo, they (lets name them Peons number 1 and 2) made me sit on the chair and began to fuss about my hair. Josh was already done wit
h surgery so he was watching me play solitaire on my PDA while Peon number 2 blow
dried my hair under Peon number 1's explicit directions (dapat iganito mo yan then ganun. kunin mo sa kabila. lumalaban eh). he took pics and just commented "ikaw na reyna". afterwards, i got up, paid at the counter and got out of the place with an expression on my face that would have put wrestlers to shame. Josh asked the obvious question "satisfied?". Lets just say that i dare not post pictures of the resulting incident in the public domain. Karen Walker said it all "you hair is such a disaster, the red cross wouldnt give it coffee". for five hundred fucking pesos, i was expecting to have fireworks shooting from my hair. I took the train home and got off at santolan station. The
re i saw something that really got my mind off of the hair fiasco i was in:

Peter thunderstorm gets points for consistency. woohooo!
if you cant see clearly, the sign reads "organized VY" , "Sunctioned VY".. wahahahahaha!~ i can put it up against this one i saw in antel global last year:

and they say I dont have an eye for humor. HA!

August 1, I hosted the company GA at the 12th floor. it was jampacked. as in. walking into that crowded lobby was like getting out of a plane and hitting a wall of humidity and heat. Attendees were benedict Hernandez,  John Harris,  my tech pet kids were there (im still bummed that i cant remember their names) and lots of other nameless faces. Ivan, Kurei I got a free lunch as an honoraria. hmm.. shakeys..