boses palaka

Im in deep shit. I have a class tomorrow and I sound like a broken trombone. The cause? Josh, Abby and I went to Enchanted Kingdom yesterday. I screamed all day. Like a girl. fun. here's a blow by blow:

Friday, 9PM - Ended my tech pet class. 4 people failed. They were sent to Sales, the rest went to Matrix. I wanted to go to the gym to go get some cardio before leaving for the GA but when I got down to the lobby, I changed my mind and decided to go home instead. When I was already in the cab, i realized how hard it is to get a cab at our village at this hour so I decided to go straight to the GA with Lisa, Aysa and Jerric. Great. I just wasted a cab ride from Ayala to Valero. 35 pesos. Went back to the office and surfed.

Saturday, 1AM - got into a cab with Lisa, Aysa and Jerric and went to our team GA at the Linded Suites in Ortigas where Nanay Siena fed us Binagoongang baboy and Baked Zitti (which wasnt really baked because the oven didnt work). Had a bottle of Cranberry Vodka Cruiser and some chips, watched half of "Double Vision", took a bath and some pictures, 

then slept for about two hours. woke up freezing at 6am, transferred to the living room and curled up next to Lisa who took the blanket. Got up at 7, packed up and went home.

8AM - Got home, received a text from Josh telling everyone to wake up. I replied to say Im already getting ready (a lie. i just got home). Josh called and asked me where I was. I said I was in a cab going to Makati. (Another lie.) The neighbor's chicken crowed. Josh heard it. Tangena mo nasa bahay ka pa. I can hear the chicken. Damned chicken.

9AM - got in a cab, called Josh Nasa cab nako.. for real na to.. pramis!

930 - arrived at PBCom. fetched Josh at the lounge and walked to Glorietta 2. We were first to arrive. No sign yet of  Abigail or Garett and Martin. Got in line for the tickets. Made some fone calls. Bakla san kna? okay.. bilisan mo! .. Where are you? huwat!??? hurry up! the van leaves at 1030. Nasan na daw sila? Jupiter. Taga san ba sila? Jupiter. Shit.

1025 - Abby arrived. We got on the Van, Josh left Garett and Martin's tickets at Starbucks. Departure time was 1045. WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!

1130 - We're HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We tried the Rollerskater first. I was designated official Videographer.

Had a blast at Dodgem

Screamed our lungs out at Anchors away

Then went to Flying Fiesta

We also tried the Space shuttle. I was too big a coward to take a video so I just searched Youtube for this one.

2PM - Martin and Garett arrived. We all hopped onto the wheel of Fate

Went on to Rio Grande

Got on Dodgem again where Abby got whiplash when I hit their car real hard.