bumabanat nanaman ang bakla

Its been several months since my last real post. A lot has already happened. Here's a quick update.

I still work at the same company. I love it here. 
Im not taking calls anymore as I have already been transferred to the training department.
Yep. Its official. I am now a training specialist. I now have to step up to the challenge of switching
roles from an agent to a Trainer. whooptidoo. As nanay Siena says, Image is everything. Great. Hello
Perception Management. Now all I have to figure out is how to change my image from "your friendly neighborhood queer" to "evil trainer bitch who must be feared run away". Simple. Just add horns. hahaha.
I actually imagine nelee hooper's O Verona as my background music whenever I walk around Ayala avenue.
hello mortals.

Summer's here! And what have I got to show for it? Why, this fabulous pic of my face in a tube of course! We actually had a summer chuvaness here in the office. they gave us free ice cream and hotdogs. hahaha.. WTF? they even stuck these flotation devices on the walls as deco. naturally, I was there to capture it all in glorious color.

dont lookdont look
can you really blame me if I cant stop staring?

I feel like Im about to be billed for squatting at the PBCom Tower. Here's the deal. I go to work, sleep at the lounge, then wake up only to go home, take a bath and get a change of clothes and Im back in the office. hahaha.. can anyone spell L-O-S-E-R? Im even there on my days off..

I usually sleep next to chiebitch. Para may kadaldalan ako and ka yosihan. woohoo! lasunan ito!

notice how they never pee in 24? i mean, 24 hours without a bathroom break? cmon..

April 10 is my first anniversary as an employee of eTel. Who would have thunk? Me, a regular employee. A yuppie. Lemming. Its also funny how some things you thought would last forever, just fade away into oblivion?

And some people you thought you couldnt last a day without talking to would just.. stop talking..

to be continued

parting thought: I miss my friends. Jap, Pat, Bemb, Ken, Marie nasan na kayo?