bumabanat nanaman ang bakla pt 2

i have always imagined my life as some sort of movie. complete with soundtrack. and now, thanks to [info]benitobeybi , i now have an idea of what kind of production number i would have if i were ever to get piss drunk and screaming for ritalin. 
it was Sol's birthday yesterday.. came in the office earlier. I havent had breakfast so she gave me a croissant to nibble on while we wait for the pizza delivery guy. In the process, she taught me a very valuable life lesson: "thou shalt not nuke a croissant lest you turn it into a turd"
I must remember to wear a sign on my forehead that reads "keep out of reach of kitchenware". I swear i couldnt cook to save my life. I could probably attempt to boil water and end up sending the stove on a meltdown. 
(actual picture of incident)

Im beginning to like the Ayala avenue area.. it has the potential to become really lively.. 
even though there ARE times when the only proof of life around there would be the scores of twenty-somethings all sucking on nicotine sticks during their breaks.. all it needs are tumbleweeds and you would have a modern version of an old western. complete with cops wearing yellow shirts and black boots. While looking at this pic, I was actually half expecting to see a giant fire-breathing mutated Iguana and matthew broderick running amuck. That and a half naked Mila Jovovich being chased by zombies.

This is the view from my office window during Lunch. For some reason, The buildings in Makati seem to be very random at choosing when to turn on their external lights. But boy do I have a pic-fest when they do..

Took this pic with my phone. Isnt it pretty?

I am seriously thinking of giving my friends one of these shirts

Parting thought: Im getting addicted to posting pictitious blogs again.. sigh.. its better than not posting for months..