black socks are fun

I feel like im living in another dimension. No, seriously, lately, i seem to be in another country altogether. I only noticed this happening like, last week. Allow me to explain:

Here's how my day usually goes: 6pm, i wake up in darkness and get out of bed to lie down in the couch. I fall asleep again and wake up around 8pm to the sound of clinking spoons and the smell of dinner - only its actually breakfast for me. I shower and get out of the house around 10 pm. I walk the empty street staring at the stray dogs and using my telepathic powers to convince them not to come near me. I ride the FX to Ayala and marvel at all the haggard faces i see going in the opposite direction. Its already around 1030 so these must be the people who chose to work late and are only now going home. This is my rush hour. I get from Pasig to Ayala in under 30 minutes. I enter the office an hour before my shift begins - just enough time to catch up on the latest gossip and smooch the girlfriends. My shift begins midnight. Lunch is at 4am (711) and ends at 9am. I usually do overtime but i try not to let it get past 10am. I rot in the elevator lobby for 15 minutes before a lift becomes available and scoots me down to ground level where im greeted by all the lemmings who are taking their lunches early. I hail a cab and get home in under an hour (i think daylight is the ultimate cause of all traffic woes - another story). Sleep.

No traffic, no solicitors' envelopes, no peanut vendors on the streets (although i see the occasional shing-aling vendor on my way home through kalayaan), no suicidal bus drivers in carbon monoxide saturated EDSA. Just your regular overly chatty cab driver who tries desperately to gain your sympathy with stories of all the prices going up, how the administration sucks and how he once had this passenger who swallowed his toungue ring etc.. - for which i REALLY dont care. i just want to get home ( so i just give some verbal nods and egg him to go on with reinforcing ideas). no tip.

Its been months since i last sat in front of the TV and watched anything in its entirety. I was actually surprised that they finally caught gringo honasan because for one thing, i didnt even know they were looking for him.

Parting thought: this must be THE most boring post i have ever done. I almost fell asleep typing it.