blessings galore

its been a hectic week for me.. just got regularized on the 10th.. oct 12 i applied to be a VTF (virtual trainor) at our program. oct 13 i did my demo and got accepted.. whew! i started as vtf (observer status only - pending orientation and formal training) oct 16.. what's the big deal you ask? allow me to educate you. my sched went from 8pm-5am saturday then shifted to 6am-3pm monday, and here i am thursday morning, reading a text message from my boss telling me not to come to work early anymore. my sched is now 3pm - midnight. i. have. jet. lag. can you imagine? i feel like i travelled from new york to tokyo to london in the course of 5 days. add to that the fact that my body suddenly decided on its own that it wants to be a harbinger of plague, doom and depression. fran drescher sums it up in two letters. oi (with matching rolling of the eyes, slight closing of the eyelids and slide headshaking and a sigh). monday began without a hitch. its a new class. wave 7 of our program. siena is my buddy (im supposed to observe how she facilitates the class). the kids introduced themselves one by one, hi my name is yadda yadda yadda.. there's only 13 of them but for some reason, i had a hard ime memorizing ALL their names and faces before siena pointed it out to me (you have to know them by name and face IMMEDIATELY). thanks. no pressure. try memorizing faces and names when you've only had about 6 hours sleep and shifted your body clock by about a few time zones while having a cold. its fun.
next day. we discussed our first product. i could barely restrain my smile as i see the faces in class trying their best to absorb as much info as possible without falling asleep. they did all sorts of thing. one stood near the back of the class, one asked his seatmate to pull his hair, one even asked me to slap his face real hard (to which i replied 'are you sure?' coz i have pretty big hands. slapping someone would not only include the face. it would be the entire head that takes damage). hahaha.. after the first product, they were so relieved. hahaha.. one product down. 29 to go.
wednesday, 545 am. i got off the fx in front of PBCom when my phone declared to the world that i have a message. 'MJ, siena here. im g0na be late t0day, i have fever n im n0t feeling very wel. kindly take 0ver d class with where we left 0ff.' WTF!? take over where we left off? waah.. what to do.. im not frefayrd. bahala na. Aaron.. help.. i was about to o a review of what we did yesterday when someone knocked on the door. it was rache my former TL. 'hi MJ! how ya doin?' ayos lang boss. eto wla pa si siena kaya ako muna alaga sa mga kids. 'ok.. so are they complete na ba?' uu.. baket? and why are you all here? (i finally notice the presence of boss elaine and ALL the coaches. they were all crowding the corridor). 'were going to introduce ourselves to them and boss elaine will have a few words' ah okay.. thanks for the heads-up.
thursday 1am. (i finally had my body clock adjusted to the new shift so i now wake up automatically at 1am to prepare and leave the house at 430) i get up from bed (couch) and checked my phone. 'Mj, we'll hv orientati0n 4 vtf 2mrw at 3pm-modnyt. d-n't c0me in early anym0re.' so here's my dilemma. what do you do when you've already had your 8 hours of sleep but your shift doesnt begin until 14 hours later? tell me now.

parting thought: yaaay.. tapos na mag download yung "the pest" starring john leguizamo..