buraot factor

a day in the life of a call center agent on the verge of a breakdown

why is it that everything sucks when you least want them to? there i was, almost late for work, waiting for a cab in the pouring rain. without an umbrella. and the only vehicles that stop in front of me are jeepneys whom nobody summoned in the first place. they were just there. waiting. one of the drivers even had the audacity to say "malakas ang ulan! dito ka na sumakay!" (its raining hard. get on!) - duh. if i had the intention of riding a jeepney, would i still be standing here? and besides. you're blocking my view of the road. there might be some wayward taxi zooming past me while you become a squatter on prime concrete real estate. if i miss my chance on a nice comfy Vios and instead get stuck in a rickety jalopy because of you, heads will roll. i mean it.

then i come to work. 3 minutes before auto-in. confident that i made it because i just locked my computer before leaving the previous shift. and what do i find? some random employee number is sitting on the space where mine is supposed to be. my computer was restarted. not only that, they broke my lucky tiki. but this is nothing compared to the time when IGNO logged on to my computer to re-image it. when i say re-image, it means they basically reset the computer to a clean state. but when i log on, what do i find? wah.. all my files are gone. the flash plugin is not installed (goodbye youtube) and there's this WINANTIVIRUS PRO 2006 that kept asking me to register. i could feel my face turn red. WHO THE HELL FARKED UP MY COMPUTER!!??!?!? number one: my computer DOES NOT need to be reimaged because unlike some people i know, i dont visit sites clobber you with spyware and lots of other nasties (free smilies and screensavers anyone?), number two, it was performing WAY better before IGNO logged into it. number three: WINANTIVIRUS PRO is included in the list of badware at www.stopbadware.org because it does not really do anything other than take up space.

first call:
hello this is MJ at how may help you?
hi MJ, my name is and i have a problem with my .. i have cancelled it last month and told me he will credit my account however i have my statement here and i dont.. (pages ruffling) oh wait a minute.. oh there it is.. hehe.. ok.. sorry bout that.. bye.
parting thought:  just think of the money.. the money.. its all about the money.. ... ... and all the cute guys in WINTECH.. wooohoo!