the past few days saw me itching to post an entry but once im in front of the computer, i run out of words to say.
its been ages since my last post. thank you. I KNOW.

went to tiendesitas kanina and played paintball challenge with coby, andrew, arvin, dong, elaine, david and carlo. first round palang i got hit in the face with this great big pink fucktard. crap. di man lang ako nakatira. it was coby who shot me. damn. round two: cabagona is out for blood. i went on rambo mode and went straight to the enemy's side. haha. one on one kami ni coby. i waited for him to run out of bullets. then i pounced on him with all my svengali-like fabulousness and shot him 4 times. mwahahahahaha.. round three. they imported reinforcements (AKA 3 kids. ha.) mejo mahirap na kasi may kasamang ulan. to the max level ang rambo mode. may eksenang gapang pa sa putikan. pero in fairness, it worked naman. i got close enough to kill 2 people. coby and this kid who was right next to him sa may barrel. parang shooting gallery. pak! pak! pak! pak! shiyet. may pasok pako ng 830. woo hoo. gudlak nalang. had dinner at something piggy. i can still smell the sisig in my burp. i went on ahead at 730. nagpalit lang ako ng shirt then hinatid nako ni andrew sa sakayan. haay. so tired. its sunday. petiks day. i logged on at 830. its actually 10 -30 minutes between calls.

parting thought: akala ko ba straight ka? hahahahaha