do you believe in this quote? "if two past lovers remain friends, its either they are still in love, or they never were"..
to give up is without a doubt one of the more painful experiences one will eventually face in life. you need to rearrange your routine, extinguish old desires and just plain move on. its just sad that all the romantic getaways, the sweet nothings over the phone, watching each other sleep through webcams, the willingness to give up a part of your life, not being able to concentrate because that person keeps popping up in your head, the tears, the laughs, getting sick for waiting on a rainy day without an umbrella for three hours, all the lessons learned, the new places visited, new people that you meet.. dont count as love. because love should never feel like a sacrifice. in his defense, i do have a knack for not being able to fit into his world. wala akong kusa. di marunong maglambing at di marunong makisama sa tao. we both have our needs. and now i see that i was too busy feeling i sacrifice too much, i never realized, di ko pala napupunan role ko. kulang pa pala. i demanded so much while not seeing that i should expect him to demand as much. maybe this is my way of saying sorry. maybe i was hoping that by writing all this in, somehow i can justify myself and maipakita na lugi ako. but upon reading my own entry and looking at my own words, i realize the truth in my writing. pareho kaming talo sa ganung sitwasyon. hanggang friends lang talaga. best of friends, maybe. but do i believe in that quote? the answer is: NO. because friends or no friends, i know how i felt. i loved him and i felt loved. and that is all there is to it.