baked beans

i really hate it when i fall asleep on the couch.. i always get up in the middle of the night and
find myself unable to get back to dreamland. darn. its two in the morning and here i am choking feasting on a can of baked beans. i'd puke if i werent starving.
dont get me wrong.. its actually not bad.. in fact, i might even say its a bit tasty.. then again, i might say the same thing if i were chewing on my pillow right now.

parting thought: i want to hug someone..

the reason i manage to smile while eating fart-o-licous baked beans at 2am

i wonder if he's home.. does he know im awake? why hasnt he texted me? WHERE"S MY PHONE!? there it is.. no messages. darn.

i know its mushy. cabagona is in love. there i said it. im in love.
there's a doosie. haven't felt like this in years that im afraid i've forgotten how to be in love.
he says i dont exert enough effort. aye me. i didnt want to be clingy but i think i might have overdone it.
crap. i hope i didnt push him away..

[cue days of our lives theme]