blazing inferno.. NOT

its almost 1 pm.. and its 20 degrees celsius outside.. damn. when i got into this desert thing, i was thinkin "hmm.. desert.. must be warm.. im bringing my summer clothes".. but no.. i had to get here smack in the middle of winter. wth highs of 24C and lows of about 8 C.. damn.. last night i was freezing my nuts off in bed.. talk about blue balls. hehehe..  mom's birthday is coming up.. i wonder what were doing then..
right now im using a laptop that has that button thing for a mouse. i hate it.. then again, im typing with the sun burning my back while a cool breeze is blowing in my face.. its pretty interesting.. i saw camels yesterday.. they were funny. there were trees that looked like they belonged in a garden landscape because the lower branches were all in a straight line.. as in parang nagpagupit yung puno tapos undercut.. hehe.. turns out, they were that way kasi the camels were eating the leaves and they could only reach a certain height.. hahaha..
went to dubai city pala yesterday.. i saw the highest concentration of Nokia 6630's ever.. as in everyone has it. even the tinderas and the street cleaners. buti nalang i own a 6680 kaya mejo unique.. but still.. dubai is such a techie place.. they have this place called COMPUTER ROAD because everywhere you look, they have computer stores selling the very cutting edge.. speaking of cutting edge, may DVD na pala dito ng guess who.. as in di pa nga siya pinapalabas sa pilipinas eh.. and im not talking about your quiapo variety of DVDs.. im talking brand spanking newriginal (new+original).. im going to buy an mp3 player / FM jammer.. hehehe.. wireless headset and everything.. imagine, riding on an FX with LOVE RADIO blaring on the speakers.. i flick a button on my mp3 player and voila. the fx radio is still set on 90.7 but instead of chris tuper, it'll be playing the sound of music soundtarck courtesy of ME! hahahahaha...
for now im planning on going to the beach.. just as soon as the temperature goes above 20. which is unlikely.. i guess its ice cold persian gulf for me.. damn.

parting thought: first day of classes pala ngayon sa ust.. hahaha.. sa 8 pako uuwi... woohoo!! dubai shopping festival begins today! i wish i had tons of money right now.. donations can be sent to me via western union.. please.