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my my my .. what a week it has been.. haven't had a chance to update my LJ.. so for those (uy.. expecting na plural?) who want an update, here's a quick peek at last week. (rhyme?)

sep 5 (tues) - brainmaster's cup eliminations today.. did i review? nope. as usual.. wehehehe.. as it turned out, i didnt have to. the questions were, hmm.. *no comment* [ex. two consecutive 2 digit positive integers whose product is 240 - how the hell am i supposed to know!? so.. i guessed.. hehehe. and.. I WAS RIGHT!!! 15&16].. qualified 3rd for the championship tomorrow.. darn. i cant go to the oishi plant with my groupmates.. talked to drew about going home together. again. im not holding my breath.

sep 6 (wed) - championship today. hehe.. is it me or the questions were much easier now? [he and his brother william invented the cornflake - john kellogg].. maybe the other teams were just weaker today.. but still.. [margaret thatcher's party - conservative party].. WE WON!! weeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.. we each got medals and a trophy.. woot!.. HALLELLUJAH! nagtxt si brizuela kung nasaan na daw ako. hmm.. wasn't expecting him to pull through.. typical andrew keeps cancelling.. hehehe..

sep 8 - labor code.. i wasnt able to do the assigned readings.. waah!! nagalit siya samin!! shine borrowed my notes on the doctrines of double intention but prof bong caught me passing it to her! waaaaah! he was all "WOULD PLEASE STOP PASSING THAT AROUND!? WHAT ARE YOU IN HIGHSCHOOL!?" i swear he almost said f*ck *ff right after "ARE YOU SAYING YOUR NOTES ARE BETTER THAN HER'S?!?!?'".. *brood*

sep 9 - mary's birthday yesterday. birthday ko ngayon? i wasnt aware that our psychometrics professor would be a no show. forget the professor. there was no friggin class! no students. here i was, in the heart of manila [the geographical center of the city of manila is the cross atop the main building of UST.. woah..] with nothing to do.. i just watched japh's volleyball game VS nursing.. it was a riot.. THE NURSING TEAM IS LAME! straight sets with japh killing the last score.. woot! the catch? i was the lone person cheering for the AB team.. i was literally SURROUNDED by nursing fans.. talk about team spirit. :P..

sep 10 - hala!! di ako nakapag pasa ng scrap book! hmm.. had nothing productive to do so we went for a round of drinks at tap-si.. pweh! colt 45.. yecch.. creepy place.. if i would ever get drunk in there, i would scream in terror because the decors were CREEPY!! talk about clowns in highwires, cars stuck on the beams, and the centerpiece? A HUGE TREE WITH GLOWING FRUITS! wah! totally forgot about david's birthday.. i didnt miss much.. jacob's plan apparently prevailed. ergo, they went to the mall, caught a movie, went straight to david's place and ate. BORING. hehehe..

sep 11 - david's real birthdate. waah.. i have no right to sleep. i have to finish the scale model and the flash presentations for tomorrow.. arvin came over to help. thanks. good luck nalang sakin bukas talaga..

sep 12 - office day! havent slept! i got to pat's apartment at 9am.. woohoo! the presentation was a success! we were all in kimonos (i borrowed mine from mayze) the first words out of ma'am vida's lips the moment were "Wow.. bongga sa ambience".. yehey!! inuman ulit! kaso flooded na ang dapitan. buti nalang i brought an extra change of clothes..
sep 13 - rest day

sep 14 - labor day tomorrow.. here i am updating my LJ.. i cant get this song out of my head.. it was performed by the voice actor for naruto (junko takeuchi) kaya natuwa ako..

Ha o kuishibari nintai 
Muri ni waratte nintai 
Kore ga shinobi no ikizama (kibishii tte ba yo) 

Ase o nugutte nintai 
Wari to ryoku nde nintai 
Kore ga naruto no ikizama 

Gutto koraete jitto shinunde 
Banto kibatte gaman suru 
Bitto sesuji wo chanto nobashite 
Futto waratte gaman suru 

Sore demo dame na sono toki wa? zensokuryoku de Hashiridase!! 

Ha o kuishibari nintai 
Muri ni waratte nintai 
Kore ga shinobi no ikizama (yattoraa-!) 

Namida o sasou nintai 
Naisumidoru na nintai 
Kore ga naruto no ikizama 
Kore ga ore no nindou datte ba yo-!! 

(Ochitsuke, ochitsuke...) 
(Ki no sei da, ki no sei da, ki no sei da...) 
(Uzumaki no kiai, doryoku, konjou datte ba yo!) 
(Yappari gaman dekinai tte ba yo-!) 

Oyayubi tatete kakkou tsukete 
Honne koroshite gaman suru 
Kobushi nigitte poozu o kimete 
Asu o yumemite gaman suru 

Sore demo dame na sono toki wa? zensokuryoku hashiridase! 

Ki o sorashitemo genkai 
Onaka osaete genkai 
Nani o shitatte genkai 

Sugu ni asoko e ikitai 
Subete nagesute ikitai 
O hanabatake ni ikitai (yabai tte ba yo...) 

Miken no shiwa ga mondai 
Heppiri koshi ga mondai 
Kyuu ni ugoku to mondai 

Genjitsu touhi ga mondai 
Nami ga aru no ga mondai 
Shoppai kao ga mondai 
Kore ga otoko no ikizama 
Ore ima, shiawase datte ba yo-!