bubbling sewage!

eeeeeeeyaaaaaaaaaaahhh! its flood season again in UST! had to wade through rat poo infested water just to get to safe harbor (aka pat's apartment).. all the while singing the flood song.. (a is for amoebiasis, b is for bacteria, c is for cholera, d is for diarrhea.. etc).. stayed over at pat's for the night and watched "shutter".. uber freakky.. can you imagine me watching a horror flick in the dark during a thunderstorm??.. hmm.. neither could i..

i hate lightning.. almost as much as i hate getting electrocuted (i have a very strong tendency.. )

hmm.. apparently, i dont know everything about microsoft excel.. im now learning new things to do with it. NOT.

haynako. inis nanaman ako kay andrew. paasa kai tapos di nanaman tutuloy. hmp. andrew if you're reading this, ininjan mo nanaman ako. sana nag text ka man lang ng mejo maaga aga.. ayan. na trap tuloy ako sa baha. pero masaya naman kasi i got to watch "charlie and the chocolate factory" at SM san lorenzo (my first time there! i made a wish!).. fantastic film.. tim burton teaming up with johnny depp is a dream come true for the twisted kid in me.. albeit depp's portrayal was oozing with a bit too much "Creep factor", he pulled it off really well.. waaaaaaah.. "stop eating your fingers! -- but i taste soo good!"
the oompa loompahs are back.. the little shits. i bet ang laki ng bayad dun sa actor na yun. technically, he has more screentime than any of the other actors in the film..

there was this character, "mike TV".. they all referred to him as a "mumble-er" whom few people understand because his brain growth was accelerated by years of video games.. funny.. his reactions might as well have been mine.. i also think willy wonka is an idiot.. i hate oompa loompahs.. oh.. BTW.. i laughed so hard when i realized that willy wonka's father is COUNT DOOKU!!!

parting thought