be brave little one.. make a wish..

dangnamit. now i'm pressured to make all my subject begin with "b".

got home from angel and dianne's combined birthday bash.. of sorts.. lots of food.. as usual.. ooo.. the relleno was SOOOO good.. i wish i could have taken some home with me.. oh well.. frozen cream-o is still the best.. *note to self: buy more cream-o*.. they also had a videoke machine kaya enjoy talaga.. too bad i had to pry myself away from that magnificent machine a little early.. ang aga kasi naming sinundo ni tita bell.. saw jam-jam, angel's sister.. the little shrimp is growing up so fast.. the last time i saw her, she was no higher than a barstool.. ooh karen was also there.. kinda like a mini HS reunion..

after the party, i went straight to the tambayan in front of lito's place.. tumanga lang with kimmie et al..

hmm.. im now researching stuff about bernhardin krempel for my presentation mamaya. cant find anything about him related to marriage and family.. dammit.. what the hell was i thinking when i volunteered for this report.

finally had my brain at ease today.. naalala ko na kung ano yung sagot dun sa commercial ng vaseline: "what is the capital of zimbabwe". HARARE. i called angela as soon as i was sure..

parting thought: is "behind my back" equivalent to "in front of me" ?