blankets and sheets

im sick. again. but its okay because now, i dont have to put up with borlogchina queen. good god. the first time i saw her, it was like seeing someone wearing a placrad that says "hi! this is my first time to teach here. be nice to me". hahahaha.. fresh meat. naghahang siya as in in the middle of discussion, she just, hangs. parang gusto naming gulatin na "huy mam!".. hahaha..

dammit. i went home last night with a sore ass. there was only one trike left in the station and there were four of us so i was forced to share the trike with them kasi nga ang layo kung maglalakad ako debah. i rode on the backseat. what am i saying? THERE IS NO BACKSEAT! pucha i had to sit on this metal THING that was in my opinion perfectly shaped for my ass. imagine a cold black flatness with a handle-like thing in the middle. i tried different positions with it but my ass kept falling into the dreaded "logical" position. then came the pothole from hell which the driver didnt bother to avoid. PUTANGINA. BOG! i only managed to squeak "ha-a-a-ouch" and wince. i hate my life.

at leat i now have DSL to ease the pain.

parting thought: the ampersand (&) used to be part of the alphabet. cool.