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guess what!? i stumbled upon a collection of chico and delamar's bloopers on air! sadly the page no longer existed.. must have taken down the boards.. hmm.. but thanks to the magic of google, i was at least able to grab the text.. hehe.. i love copy & paste..

When they were at KC
C: Mon…

When they were at RX
C: 93…

C: Happy bird-day

Instead of goodbye…
C: Happy Birthday!

C: Take a minute of it

C: They were still twins

C: One word: Lactacyd
D: That's not one word

C: That was Strong Enough from Sheryl Cruz

C: I'm a shrimp

C: Let's check out the traffic in Makati and we'll start with Quezon City

Sino ang lola ni Prince Charles?
C: Gloria Romero?

Saan sa Espanya galing si Don Quixote?
C: Espanya!

D: Do as Nike says: Just Say No!

D: It's now 7:10 in some parts of Saipan

C: That was 'Stranded' by Jennifer Sevilla...

D: "That was Blurry by Muddle of Pudd"

C: We are experiencing rains and gutsy winds...

C: In the neck neck...

C: Would you marry a single mom or dad?
D: With kids or without?

scene: the duo were talking about cartoon characters
D: it's THE porky pig...
C: (laughs) you say, "it's porky pig, not THE porky pig..."
D: (laughs) ok
C: THE Chico and THE Delamar will be right back!

D: it's now ... o'clock in the morning here in San Juan...
C: Delle, the Philippines is in one time zone.
then people started paging in (take note, paging technology pa o!)
what time it was in their own places like, batangas, lipa, bulacan...

its when chico was telling del that he was a sponge because he absorbs
his friends problems. then what came out was he was a SPANDS.

August 29: RX Monster Robot

One of the entry in the Top Ten this week was HardBall. They said it
was the movie starring Chris Klein and rebecca Romjin stamos. Actually
the movie were Chris Klein and Stamos starred is RollerBall. HardBall
stars Keanu Reeves and Diane Lane.

After singing a portion of the song "Memories":
C: We can be the next D: We can be the next
Dolly Parton and Dolly Parton and
Kenny Rogers Kenny TEXT Roasters

* when delle bumped her something and the mic was on, she said,
"aray!" and they both laughed.

* when listeners heard the sound "ka-blag" and delle said, " are you
okay?... chico, where are you?" turned out, he fell off from his

D: We are going to call the adopted mother of Monique…

D: Gargle with lukewarm water and water.

C: Let the ouch come outch.

D: Inquirer Thailand

C: Come & visit _____ and get a free blood sample (test).

C: …The joys of growing your feet (pets).

D: We are looking for thoughts, stories, anecdotes about 10/11…

C: …and he cried, Dawn Zuleta, I mean Dan Rather…

C: Chico for here…

C: Have a happy…birthday…nice day.

C: From Hiway (pronounced he-why), I mean, Hi-way…

C: From No Sex (name)

D: Thank you for choosing Monster Radio RX

D: For those of you who have tickets to Y Tu Mamaya…

Dahilan ng pagkamot ng ulo
C: pag may mistress…

C: We're changing the news, it was about J. Lo and her father-in-low…

C: Chico here at news for 17…

C: That broodscan…newscast was brought to you by…

C: (reading a plug about a seminar dealing with taking care of
babies)…even the yaya as engineer…caregiver

C: (reading an entry for the Hot 10) Pag kahit nakadamit ka na,
pinag-iinitan ka pa rin ng MTRBCBBQ

C: Streetsmart was brought to you by Nescafe 3 in 1…Masarap na kuchinta

C: Streetsmart was brought to you by Nescafe 3 in 1…Masarap nang kumanta

Chico, messing up a Filipino salawikain: "Magaling man ang matsing,
mabilis pa rin ang pagong."

C: Christina's Aguilera
D: Cut me some slacks
C: Just be caller no. 7, we won't ask you any question, we would be
very dangerous...generous.
C: from Cactus: ang tumatanda lang, cactus...kalabaw
C: We'll see you tomorrow, Chico

C: (instead of are you happy?) number happy?

D: Let's check out the roads in Ortigas…From Javier…Xavier

C: Zesto Dalandan Zoda

C: That was Flowers from the year 19-2000

C: What's your name?
Caller: Rose
Chico: Okay, Imelda...

C: (read the Gen. RX poll question)…and the results are in or out? (D:
in) and the results are in, 47% said in

(instead of are you happy with your life?)
C: Are you happy with your wife?

C: for fervent Potter pans

C: our lumpia is with toge and busabos

C: it's so delicious, adobong hita (hito)

C: collect Dragon Ball Z Ztickers
C: during her visit recent
D: keyvoard
D: RX 93.y
C: Magbiro ka na sa buking, ay, buking!
C: That was Dunkin Donuts (Duncan Sheik)
D: We will be guesting on Debate with Mareng Winnie and Mareng Oscar…
C: Tough are really hard, tough are really time; Times are really hard.
C: Are they going to the great ball of China?
C: Hootie and the Blowbirds
C: ___ says : I would like to say hi to my friend whom I haven't circumc…

(hot 10 topic: answers to the question "bakit wala ka pang boyfriend?")
C: bakit wala ka pang Candy?

C: Goodnight later. I mean, goodluck later.

Caller: I'm Garuts.
C: Ok, Gorilla.

C: The more, the manier.

C: Just type wintix that's w-e…

D: Text world, that's wolr…

C: Hollywood Icon Al Tucino…

D: Wake up and smell the roces.

C: I like terminator Twu

C: First, it's Osama, now it's Sadako, I mean Saddam.

C: Either here or in the Philippines. Either here or in Manila.

C: Ka Rosa Rosal

C: good Chico

D: We would just thanks… (the Petron people).

C: You can also bradd your ief comments.

(C finished reading the top answer for the saddest pet stories)
D: that was the saddest love…

C: a team was disqualified because they hired a coach from another universe.
C: Tomorrow is a Thurday, we'll have Brad Pitt joining us.
C: These are all your sexes? Exes?
C: You can also vote on our website, www.www.
(Bridget Fonda got into an accident) C: First, it was Billy Joel then
David Hasselhoff and now, Frida Fonda.
D: Do you know Arthur MacArthur? He's a general…
C: You know what they say about men who wear Scottish kilts, you're
not supposed to wear panties.
(Hot 10: things you'd say to your ex) C: what would you ay to your sex?
(Gen RX: have you ever texted in church?) C: Have you ever texted in English?
(Hot 10: signs that you're a psycho) C: we're looking for the hot 10
signs that you're a tadpole
(Gen RX: do you find Pres. GMA mataray?)C: do you find Pres. GMA sexy?

C: PLDT Vibe.Feel the bibe.
C: That was Beck, way beck when.
C: we've got our last to the final batch
C: Christina Aguilera will be presented a special lesbian.
C: we've got our results for February mine.
(After Christina's Aguilera's new song Get Mine Get Yours was played)
C: That was Christina Aguilera with Give Me Yours and I'll Give You
D: Dilemma is a zong.
D: We've got a song brought to you after.
(sender: Freaky Things) C: From sticky things
C: Thank're making our jobs a little earlier.
(Delle's handling the hot 10 and the topic is the hot 10 replies when
someone tells you you're ugly) C: ang pangit ko!
(Gen RX: Do you like wearing costumes?) C: Do you like wearing undies?

D: at least today one answer got questioned…
D: he's (R. Kelly) also being charged for mild porn.
C: US-led Iraq on attack
C: Don't eat more than you can swallow (chew).
C: You can text us 0916-71963Christy.
C: Shelix (Shell Helix)
C: Niorks.
C: strip card (stripe card)
C: I was too overconfidence…
C: They would be held liable for frog (fraud)
D: My tummy is aches…
D; That was Bring Me Back To Life.
C: Good monster…
(Hot 10 ways to simplify life: just like in Mathematics, always reduce
life to the lowest terms) D: Yeah, it's so hard to understand 1/8.

C: number nree

(Hot 10 personal heroes) D: we're looking for the hot 10 personal favorites
(Hot 10 personal heroes) D: we're looking for the hot 10 favorite heroes

C: what's your name?
Caller: Sydney.
C: Ok, Kidney.

C: Do you like rap and hip hap?

(Hot 10 signs that your relationship will last) C: and the no. 1 porn
star name is…

C: Look what happened to Chixie Dicks…

C: Gurls, it'll be your turn tomorrow.

D: Luts do this.

D: You'll get a flee..

D: It's FF. It's finally Frider.

C: It's the fastest selling Reebok shoes in history and it's selling
for 95 pesos.

C: You should see a doctor, ASSAP

C: Hello? San Lazaro CR? ER?

C: (Hot 10 topic: things you wouldn't put in your mouth even if they
paid you) anything bigger than my wife, no, mouth, anything bigger
than my mouth

(Gen RX: do you agree with self-inflicted pain?) C: do you agree with
self-inflicted pleasure?

D: I was always the flower girl because if you asked me to walk, I'll
walk without any fuzz.
C: Bruce Almighty is an $81 project.
C: Nene, ni e ni e
C: Trival council
C: She loves smelling my lola's feet and armfeet.
(Gen RX: do you engage in extreme sports?) C: do you engage in extreme se…

C: (instead of para, mama) mara, papa
C: News at Chico
C: Star Wars Epitode 2
C: Hibon…
(Gen RX: instead of saying we just wanna know what you think) C: we just
wanna know what's wrong with you.
C: on hair hot 10
(D: Can you spell projection?) C: P-R-O-G-G…
(D: You could be texting at the intersection of Ortigas and…) C: Quezon Ave.

D: Let's hear it from The Remedy.
C: a 14 yr. Old girl was suspended for wearing a lesbian.
C: Signs that your parents steal… (still)
C: I hit him with an electrician…
C: Finding Nemo, an animated underwear adventure. (underwater adventure)
D: watch as tims… (teams)
(C: Bobby Brown) D: Can't Touch This.
D: We were screwing… we were drilling screws using Black and Decker.
D: half the finkie fell off
C: alternative music from Chookie Cua… (Cookie Chua)
C: we've got our Generation Ek-ek.
(Hot 10 answers to the question can I have your number?) C: miss, can
I have your phonebook?
(Hot 10 answers to the question can I have your number?) C: miss, can
I have your hito?

C: You're a sexist. I mean, you're a psychic.
(caller: breakfast in bed) C: breakfast in red? Why in red?
D: You have to get a gewd…
C: You can't eat it without a foon and spork.
C: We would like to say hi to ____ who gave birth to a bouncing ball.
C: that was the 110 (hot 10)
C: If your bird…If you find…
D: If I were the king of the world…queen of the world…
C: Six in the Cety…
D: CSA (CSI) is having its finale
(signs that you've been abducted by aliens) D: if you're in Asia and
you feel the need to go to Roswell. C: We go there all the time. D:
not Rockwell, Roswell.
C: they are mere prawns (pawns)…
D: it's like she lost a brush that costs $300…
C: former president Fidel Castro…
C: that is so good…hot chocolate with mushrooms…marshmallows
D: he was in Deep Blue Ocean
C: Happy Birthday to everyone!…who's having their birthday.
C; featuring Regine Velasquez and Gary Velasquez…Valenciano
D: 54 amazingly percent.
C: Get a yaya who knows how to breastfeed, like a hot nurse…wet nurse.
D: What does the MMDA stands for? Metro Manila Mayors Development Authority?
C: from Malaking Itlog (Ilong)

C: Gigli is a huge, huge flap.
D: It's Numb…with a B, not a P
D: RX Stuck-On
C: We'd like to say hi to ____ whom we met at the sticker.
C: You're still on the Morning Rush with Chico and Garcia.
C: have you ever been hit on the mic with a head?
C: (or you may vote directly on our website) or you may crotch…
C: I sew…
C: 019oney
C: (if you catch a friend's partner) if you catch a friend's parlor…
D: R-ek.
C: that was treetsmart
C: that was X Stone with Wrong Egg…(Wrong Heaven)
C: Monster Radio RX 93.1 is a pweh! Proud member of the KBP. There's a
mosquito in my mouth.
C: Join us tonight, 0916, what am I saying?
C: stari stari store
C: tore throat.
C: they'll (cuttlefish) start squirting squid (ink)
C: what a boner! (bummer)
C: He's (Arnold Schwarzenegger) married to Pam Shriver (lesbian tennis
player), no, Maria Shriver.
C: (if you were a California resident) if you were a California maki.
D: The Stretch from 9 am to 12 noon this…noon.
D: 70% percent.
C: remake of Hong Kong (King Kong)
C: we'll be shopping til we dropping.
C: we'll be there from 12 noon til 8 midnight.
C: (blue elephant gun) blue elegant pan
C: back in the olden gays
C: unless it's a bi-bi-bi-big-big…
C: Nakatungtong ka lang sa langaw (kalabaw)
C: If you're heading towards Bagallanes...
D: I'm not a zone.
C: Don't forget to wear those maxi pads, no knee pads
D: we'll be at the Fodium.
C: 3 new movie release barely made a nipple.
(not really a blooper, more of like a Delle Joke) D: Dadalhin kita sa
aking palasyo, aanhin pa ang damo kung patay na ang kabayo…
C: you've got to watch the Italian Boob Job…

C: Good morning to Ping…Lacson, no, coach Jamie
D: (catch a Porsche) catch a pores
C: cool us up
C: (I just lost my ear) I just lost my heart
C: He (Ben Affleck) went to Hard Rock, Las Wogigi (Las Vegas)
C: Johnny Deep
C: (you won a reebok bag) you won a reebak... reebok bok
C: (from Barok) from Bulok
C: (drop the fish bowl) drop the soap.
C: Monster Mania.
C: Have you ever given to charities? Charities like UNICEF, Bahay Bata
C: It's seven twainty
C: (you may vote directly through our website) You may vote violently
C; (things to say to someone who's leaving) things to say to someone
who's coming
C: I'm ha-ha-happy.
C: it's two pesos bucks
C: It's 7-3-3, no, it's 7:33
C: I would have hear me
D: drunking and driving
C: (caller's name is Hot Dough) Ok, Hotdog
D: moviez
C: owe!
D: band break-out bands.
C: (ways to spend your last 100 pesos) ways to spend your last 100 years
C: Speaking of fruit, no, speaking of traffic
C: (and the previous poll question) and the proposed…
C: Believe it or not, I haven't seen When Harry Met Potter
D: good luck to the Smas PH
C: (would you still vote in the 2004 elections?) would you still vote
in the 2004 erec…

(Gen RX: Would you still vote in the 2004 election?) C: Would you
still vote in the 2004 erec…
(while doing Streetsmart) C: the newest singing sensation…
C: I'm scareder.
C: a 15% python
C: a 15 foot fython
C: you made me say 15 fercent
C: Ashton Kulcher
D: You've got to speak lower
C: (instead of street sweepers) street walkers
C: our fersonal
D: azzign
C: He's the leader of the sole world power in this world
D: From Snupples
C: text R-ek.
D: No probleim
D: That was Me Against the Machine (Music)
C: this is Dark Meat (Dark Beat)
(prospect for J. Lo) C: I have two words for her: Ashley Judd, no, Chris Judd
C: US President's Bush
C: Birds who flock together are gay.
C: Birds who fly together, peck together.
C: Birds fly together when you bulalog them.

D: CD scales (sales)
C: service-oriented grups (groups)
(instead of Limp Biskit) C: I saw Limp Noodle
D: sow his wild eats
C: (instead of Boy Bastos) Boy Postiso
C: (instead of Davao and Cebu) Sabao and Debu
D: (instead of the baby) the boobie
C: 4 x 4 = 32
D: (combo of chief justice) Jhief
C: (instead of hot 10 entry) hot end entry
C: exclamation boint
D: don't change channels
C: the atalk on Iraq
C: (combo of Hollywood and Halloween) it's Hollywoon
D: (combo of north and south) sorth
C: (combo of bulkan and volcano) puputok na…puputok na,,, I was
talking about a Vulcan
C: I'm not weird, talk about yourself
C: Happy britney!

C: See a school of Dolphy.
C: Alanis Orisette.
D: You can listening.
D: It may be not.
D: In Canadia.
C: (radio idol contestants) you have Lord Almighty
C: That was a hit and escape.
D: (arriving late) That's afforded to someone on top.
C: Through sickness and in thin
C: I expected the bullet train to feel like a rolling stone.
C: Just in case. Who know?
C: Even here in the Milippines.
C: Luke!
C: Send your resume with pictures and send it to 2299.