bakit puro "b" ang umpisa ng mga subjects ko?

ayoko na magreview sa labor. kainis. dun pa naman ako natulog kina [info]pat_01para lang mag review tapos pauuwiin niya kami? grrr. feel na feel ko pa naman yung study atmosphere namin nun. just the two of us with one box of pizza. enjoy. hmm.. immediately went back to the apartment to finish watching windstruck but ended up watching friends. (the one where no one proposes, the one with sharks). hehehehe.. joey is fun..

im surfing downlink users right now with my seatmates mayze and shine. hahaha. ang daming niyologs.. saw this lesbian who i could have sworn was a guy.. kinda cute.. kaso nga lesbo.. kaya cuter? hahahaha.. i sound like pat..

parting thought: gotta remember to download the rest of NARUTO episodes.. and maybe some of VOYAGER's