bring me to life but first let me die

been stuck at home.. almost died of borlog.. dammit i waited all day for naruto and what do i get? ANOTHER filler episode. (its one of those episodes where nothing really happens but theres a lot of stuff explaining the characters' personalities).. ooh my aunt gave me money to do their report on lawrence kohlberg.. hehehe.. a few hours later, im broke.

when did popcorn get to be so expensive? i went to the mall to see monster in law but ended up wondering where my money went. i mean, 130 pesos for a freakin box of stale popcorn, a hotdog and a pepsi? c'mon.. 

cant wait to see war of the worlds..

and fantastic four..

and herbie (lindsay lohan!!)..

and boy there's so many commercials.. im never leaving this cinema..

i forgot what monster in law's story was.. hmm.. ill try to update this tomorrow when i've gotten some sleep.

parting thought: is cloning possible if both parents are guys?