blegh fete du la caffeine

just got home from fete du la musique at el pueblo. still not sure if i regret ever going there. let me just say that the choco cream frappe i gorged on at starbucks was the highlight of my evening. oh yeah. that and juddah paolo's butt. hehehehe.. here's a blow by blow of the event as i remember it:

8pm - im late. lhen and carl have been waiting for me since 7. whose bright idea was it to have a parade in front of the podium anyway? damn groupies. amp supposed to meet marie but apparently, she went with the wrong group and is now being sales talked into a networking chuvaloo. poor girl.

820pm - the FX still hasnt moved. i think i just saw alanis in the crowd outside. alanis gone horribly wrong. she was sporting this freakishly curly hair that reached down to her knees. and was wearing all black. i swear, if i were a few years younger, i'd be screaming. WITCH!!! why is everyone wearing black? IM wearing black! dammit! ooh cute guy.. ay di pala.

830ish - i called lhen to ask if there was a way through podium to megastrip. i was about to get off the fx when the traffic magically moved. got to lhen soon after i hung up. saw lhen with carl and his cousin (jesse?) and their barista friend.

840pm - walked to el pueblo. shit ang daming tao. 80 percent of the crowd is wearing black. dammit. san ba yung friends bar? is that cynthia alexander? ang init. nasan na sina carl? uy si cynthia alexander nga! i LOVVEE her!! she's like, my version of cher. lipat tayo. may daan ba diyan? ay wala.. sige balik tayo sa taas. sino tong nagpeperform? ang chaka! 

9ish - baba tayo. carl dared lhen to get into the crowd. ako naman si sama. wow ang init. is that beer being sprayed around? penge tissue. san to galing? starbucks? uy nabali yung shrub. shit may nag aaway! lhen labas tayo! away ba yun o moshpit? where's carl!? ayun. tingnan mo yung guy o.. warak yung shirt niya.. ah away nga.. tsk tsk tsk.. labas na tayo dito.. kakatakot.

930 ish - lakad pa tayo! sinong john joe? yan? di ko siya kilala. yukk kukunan mo ng picture? sige dali! ang cool naman ng sounds. parang nagvu voodoo. asan cute? ayun? di ko type. me no likey amerikansky. uy cute nga. gwapo! lhen! me likey amerikansky! he's talking on his celphone "where are you? inside? i cant get in! its like a wall of smellyness out here! (i agree). where are you?". i saw a group of caucasian teens.. one of them is talking on the phone. "we're also outside. in front of san mig cafe. i can see you! there he is (points at amerikansky). hey MARK! MARK!". lhen mark ang name nung cute na caucasian boy.

10ish - san yung electronica? o carl, san kayo punta? may gimik ka pa? hala sige bye! (he shook my hand! and called me BRO! weeeeeeeeeeee.. im never washing my right hand again.). tara lhen hanapin natin yung ibang mga stage. lhen cute yung makakasalubong natin na yan. yang naka orange. "oops. sorry" (i grabbed his butt when we passed each other).. ang pangit ng pwet niya.. ano tong pila na to? free ba yang iced tea? yuk ang dami talagang jologs! may stage ba dito? parang abandoned na. someone asked us kung san yung freinds bar. we gave them directions. then the guy said "kasi we were supposed to perform there kaso late na kami". i squealed like a schoolgril. "you're gonna perform? are you famous?! can i take my picture with you?" hahaha.. the guy was like "no no no no no no no no we're not famous".. oh well.. your loss. balik tayo doon. gusto ko ng frappe. starbucks nalang tayo.

1030ish - we saw john joe on the balcony. lhen was trying to take a picture care of the zoom function. this guy approached us. "would you like to get spotted on MTV? request lang kayo ng song. sige na para mas malapit yung kuha niyo ng camera." lhen was like "HELL NO!" wushu.. ako gusto ko.. kaso hiya ako eh.. no thanks.. tingin tayo kung may upuan na sa taas. hey! i know her.. siya yung sa ETC diba? yung "Rated OH!". chaka parin dito eh. tara megastrip na tayo. shit si juddah paolo to ah! (oh lord, please take away mine hands for they doth sinneth!).. lhen takbo na tayo kasi hinawakan ko yung butt ni juddah.. baka ipahabol tayo sa bodyguard.. now im sure ill NEVER wash my right hand again. ever. we got to starbucks. ordered a tall choco cream frappe. lhen saw a friend from mediartrix. kuya something. he was with his friend waiting for some people. we talked about how scary this crowed was compared to last year's. (cant relate. its my first fete - pronounced "feet" by carl)..

11ish - their friends arrived. they were talking out loud about how "there's so many jologs! yeah! and what's with all the kids in black? (hey, IM in black).. that's okay.. you're not a kid".. "tara KTV tayo. sama kayo?" saan ba? "makati ave." .. no thanks. lhen i cant believe we just said no to karaoke. tara uwi na tayo.

1115 - marami ang nagsabi daliri mo'y may labi. why are all the people running? may free beer ba sa performance ng kjuan? tara sakay na tayo dun sa fx. lhen bakit yung mamang ito oag humihinga, may tunog? i think he needs help. hahaha! lhen basahin mo yung naka print sa shirt! "******* weight loss and excercise program" siya siguro yung sa "before" na picture sa ad. hahahahahaha..

1130 - ma para. bye lhen. *kiss* ingat!

12mn - got home.

**other people we saw: jr kilat, ala paredes, that taekwando guy, some UST athletes, mishka something.

parting thought: im now addicted to choco cream frappes.