bakit nauuso ang blog?

after social networks (friendster, hipster, zorpia et al), pansin ko na uso na ngayon ang blog.
bakit kaya? blog, for those who dont know, is short for weblog. its a series of posts you make on the net. ano ba purpose nito? wala. other than to say stuff that you want people other than those around you (physically)to read. i hear friendster has blogs now.. whoopty doo.

[so i can say anything here? hehehehehe... :D]

our prof in office systems turned our lecture into a semi political discussion regarding pres GMA. she kept on going on and on about how questionable GMA's motives are for giving her "mea culpa" speech and all.. about how we didnt know FPJ personally to say that he was "bobo". well, do we know pres GMA personally to say that she's a liar and a cheat? honestly, sometimes people can be so.. two-dimensional.. hehe.. but i didnt tell her that.. of course, she's one of my favourite teachers in UST.

fag pala in the UK means "cigarette".. hehehe..

oooh.. just found out that "war of the worlds" is not yet showing in philippine cinemas. good thing di pako nakakalabas ng bahay. im going to sleep over at pat's apartment tonight. we planned this "group study" thing. experience tells me na walang mangyayari sa review na to. puro kalokohan lang. ooh.. gotta pack my stuff.

parting thoght: i shoudlnt have had that extra bowl of pancit canton.. where are my fags!?