barely sentient

almost 5am.. been awake 24 hours now.. i love coffee.. madagascar movie trip didnt pull through as planned.. ended up watching revenge of the sith. for the nth time. my only consolation was the VVERRYY satisfying dinner we had at chef d'angelo's (im not sure how many apostrophes there are).. hehehe..

after galle, we crashed megamall to annoy andrew.. speaking of annoying, i saw something today.. i was on the escalator, making my way down to the ground floor when i noticed this guy on the opposite escalator (going up).. real nice.. clean face, clear skin, he was wearing a mint green lacoste polo shirt with white collar and khaki shorts with matching suede loafers/sandals (im not really sure.. could have been barefoot).. he was listening to his blue iPod mini.. with his fly open for all the world to see.. not that i was staring.. hehehe.. i really wanted to tell him.. but how does one do that while on a moving stairway? huy pare bukas zipper moooooo (fade out).. plus, he wouldnt have heard me kasi nga diba naka iPod siya.. oh well..

parting thought: whoever invented high powered coffee should die.